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MAN trucks
MAN trucks are among the strongest and most reliable vehicles on the market. MAN offers a wide range of products, from light commercial vehicles to heavy tractors. MAN’s impressive lineup includes many different types of trucks designed for a variety of applications.

The MAN TGL is a light truck perfect for city driving, while the MAN TGX is a medium-duty truck more suitable for long trips. The MAN TGS is an extra-heavy truck that can handle any terrain and offers excellent transport capability in any situation. MAN also offers specialized trailers such as the MAN L2000 with its aerodynamic design, which offers optimum fuel economy and performance even on extreme roads or rough terrain.
The history of MAN trucks
The origins of MAN trucks date back to the early 19th century. In 1817, the first steam-powered truck was introduced by German engineer Gottlieb Daimler with the intention of transporting goods over long distances. Shortly thereafter, in 1895, another German engineer, Rudolph Diesel, developed an engine that ran on diesel fuel instead of gasoline or steam. This new technology provided greater efficiency and power, which soon led to the production of MAN’s first diesel-powered truck in 1901.

In 1929, MAN merged with a number of smaller companies to form what would become known as “MAN Truck Bus. It quickly became one of Germany’s leading manufacturers of commercial vehicles and expanded its operations throughout Europe during World War II. After the war, MAN continued to grow and pioneered the production of special purpose vehicles for military, construction and commercial use. Today MAN is one of the most recognizable names in global truck production, with a wide range of models from vans to heavy trucks. MAN continues to innovate its designs with advanced technology that enables greater safety, efficiency and performance.

With more than 100 years of innovation behind it, MAN Trucks continues to lead the way in quality, reliability and excellence. MAN trucks make moving goods, materials and people around the world more efficient and safer than ever before. MAN’s commitment to engineering and innovation has created a world leader in commercial vehicles that continues to shape the future of transportation. MAN continues its tradition of excellence by striving for the most advanced and efficient trucks on the market. With innovative designs, MAN Trucks will continue to be a driver of progress in the future.
For both large and smaller trucks
For those who need more transport capacity, MAN presents the MAN TGS-LX and MAN TGX-XXL. Both models are rugged, powerful tractors that can carry up to 32 tons per trip. MAN also offers special applications such as dump trucks, tankers and fire trucks that use MAN’s advanced technology to deliver uncompromising performance even under extreme conditions.

For long transports over difficult terrain, MAN’s range of off-road vehicles is unmatched. The MAN 4×4 truck with all-wheel drive is perfect for transporting goods over difficult terrain. With excellent fuel efficiency and an impressive maximum payload, this model is ideal for any situation where conventional vehicles cannot reach their destination. MAN also offers reliable and economical MAN 6×6 trucks that can haul up to 50 tons with ease.

Overall, MAN offers a wide range of trucks designed for different applications and purposes. They offer excellent performance and reliability at an affordable price, making them one of the most trusted truck brands in the world. With MAN’s impressive selection, you are sure to find a truck that perfectly meets your needs.
Different types of engines MAN trucks
MAN trucks offer a range of diesel engines from 4 to 16 cylinders with outputs from 200 to 1,000 kW. MAN engines D08 and D20 are available for medium-duty applications such as long-haul transport, distribution and municipal services. For heavy haulage, MAN also offers the TGS series, with 9- and 12-liter versions with power ratings up to 513 kW. For special applications such as the military or fire department, MAN supplies the D28 engine in 6-, 8- and 10-cylinder versions with an impressive output of 1,000 kW.

MAN has also developed a range of natural gas engines based on its Euro VI technology that offer clean and economical solutions for urban transport. These highly efficient engines offer lower fuel consumption and significantly lower emissions than their predecessors. In addition, MAN’s efficientline engines are designed to ensure maximum service life and minimum downtime for greater cost efficiency. All MAN diesel engines are built with components of the highest quality that meet the strictest environmental standards to reduce their impact on the environment.
Come test drive a used MAN truck
Looking for a MAN truck? Then you’ve come to the right place at KW Automotive. Schedule a test drive with one of our salespeople to see if the occasion really suits you. The salespeople are very experienced and able to answer all your questions.
Our used MAN trucks
Every MAN truck is different. Therefore, all specifications are listed by car in our range. You can also see photos, technical dimensions and all kinds of important information. Are you curious about our entire assortment? Then check out our selection of trucks here.
Maintenance used MAN trucks
If you want to enjoy your MAN truck to the fullest, it is important to maintain it. All MAN trucks in our range come with service history and service booklet. This shows what maintenance has been performed and the mileage. In addition to regular maintenance, it is important to keep checking your tires and oil levels. Our experienced mechanics are happy to help you maintain your MAN truck (in a timely manner).
Why buy your used MAN truck from KW Automotive?
Through the years of experience of our staff, we will find the perfect truck to meet all your needs. It is also very important to keep your truck in top condition so that it will last for many years to come. Our experienced mechanics can help with this. We also inspect the vehicle both optically and technically before every sale. As a result, you can hit the road with peace of mind. Our stock consists of various brands, types, fuel types and sizes. Because of this wide choice, we can always help you further.
Trade-in when buying MAN Commercial Vehicles
Do you want to trade in your old vehicle? For this, we value the vehicle. Because every situation is unique, it is best to contact us for more information. We are happy to help you.

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