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Tractors and trucks

Our range of trucks and machinery has many models. Thus, we have brands such as MAN, Mercedes-Benz and Scania in our offer. The trucks are suitable for all kinds of transportation and are fully inspected. This allows you to hit the road with peace of mind.

The construction of the trucks

A truck is produced in many different types of ways. In fact, there are many choices when it comes to the chassis and construction of a truck. This choice will be based on the end goal of the vehicle. Namely, are you planning to dump and transport heavy materials? Then a dump truck is undoubtedly the most suitable option for you. On the other hand, if the purpose is to hoist a load in and out of your vehicle, a crane truck is a better choice. In short, before buying a truck, decide what your goal is with your truck and then make a final choice that fits it. Other examples of truck bodies include: bucket trucks, container trucks, concrete mixers, sliding pillar trucks and garbage trucks.

What is a truck combination (LHV)?

A truck combination, also known as a long and heavy truck (LHV), is a type of truck combination of a tractor and one or more trailers coupled together. What distinguishes an LHV combination from a traditional truck is the amount of goods you can transport at one time. This is because an LHV truck is much longer and larger, giving it more space than a traditional truck. Driving a truck combination does require a special driver’s license.

The benefits of an LHV combination include more efficient use of the road, reduced environmental impact and potential lower transportation costs per unit of goods. This makes these types of trucks especially beneficial in long-distance transportation.

Most common truck combinations

There are many different types of truck combinations available. This varies depending on the region and specific target requirements. Below are some of the most common truck combinations.

Tractor trailer

A tractor-trailer is a standard truck combination in which a semi-trailer is coupled to a truck. The semi-trailer comes in different sizes and can be used for different loads, such as bulk goods, refrigerated goods, general goods, etc.

Container Combination

A container combination is used to transport standard shipping containers. In this case, the truck pulls a container trailer on which one or more containers are placed.


A flatbed trailer consists of a truck and tank trailer. Combined, these are often used to transport liquid cargoes, such as food, fuel, chemicals and other liquids.

Wide range of trucks

At KW Automotive, we have a wide selection in used truck. For example, we sell trucks with different types of bodies, such as closed body, sliding tarps and standard tractor. These trucks are also available in different brands. For example, we have trucks from DAF, MAN, Mercedes Benz, Renault and Scania. This of course involves different models and designs. We also have several types of trucks with special cabs equipped for day and night work. Are you looking for a smaller mode of transportation that still allows you to transport goods? Then check out our light commercial vehicles.

Definition trucks

Trucks and machinery are both terms that refer to different types of vehicles and equipment. These different types are often used in industrial and commercial settings. A truck, also known as a truck, is a motor vehicle specifically designed to transport goods. You can recognize a truck by the different large sizes in which they are produced. In fact, these are much longer and higher than a normal passenger car. A truck can also be recognized by a cargo box/semi-trailer in which the goods are transported. Trucks are produced in different sizes and configurations depending on the purpose of the vehicle. A truck is mostly used in industries such as transportation, logistics, construction and agriculture.

Why choose a truck at KW Automotive?

Buying your new vehicle from KW Automotive brings many benefits. In fact, our vehicles meet the best quality for a neat price. Safety and trust are also at the forefront of our minds when purchasing. To ensure this, we work with a pay safe principle. In doing so, each vehicle has been provided with the proper documents and has passed our inspection. This way you will never be surprised. In addition, it is also possible to trade in your old vehicle. Lastly, we have our own workshop where our experienced mechanics can perform maintenance and repairs on your truck for you.

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N. van de Mosselaar | Copper
Always super service and excellent knowledge about their work.

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J. Wijnen | Copper
A few weeks ago I was in distress with my car. I had called Kw-automotive and they helped me immediately. Within 15 minutes they were at my house to pick up my car and on the same day I was able to pick it up again. Super service! Highly recommended!!!

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B. Peters | Copper
Already several cars in and sold through KW Automotive in Wijchen. They are always ready when needed and guide the process from A to Z. Cars for business or private, we do everything through KW!

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