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Buying light commercial vehicles

Light commercial vehicles are a crucial part of our working existence. Thus, they ensure that goods and services are delivered quickly and efficiently. There are many different types and brands, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Below we will elaborate on what types of light commercial vehicles are in the market. These commercial vehicles are also all available in KW Automotive’s wide range of products.

Different types of light commercial vehicles

There are many different types of light commercial vehicles. In fact, they can vary in size, payload and functionality. Below we have listed the most common ones for you.

  1. City delivery truck: These carts are compact and have a cargo space of about 2 to 5 cubic meters and are useful for smaller loads. For this, they are ideal to use for deliveries within urban areas.
  2. Closed van: These are standard vans with an enclosed cargo area. They are available in different sizes and load capacities, and can be customized to meet different needs. Examples include refrigerated trucks or trucks with special equipment for specific goods.
  3. Open cargo van: This type of commercial vehicle has an open cargo area without a roof or high sides. This makes them handy for transporting larger or awkward loads.
  4. Double cab van: these vans have both a cargo area and a passenger area with additional seating. This van is ideal when both cargo and personnel need to be transported.
  5. Refrigerated Truck: These trucks are equipped with a special refrigeration system to keep goods at a proper temperature during transport.

What are the most common light commercial vehicles?

In addition to the different types of commercial vehicles, there are also a number of different suppliers. The purpose of commercial vehicles remains the same, only the vehicle is made by different manufacturers. Below are some well-known and popular brands of commercial vehicles.

  1. Ford commercial vehicles: when you think of a Ford commercial vehicle, you quickly think of the Ford Transit. This is an iconic van known worldwide. In fact, this commercial vehicle is known for its versatility, reliability and spacious interior.
  2. Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles: Mercedes-Benz is also a world-renowned manufacturer in vehicles. In the light commercial vehicle category, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is a common one. The Sprinter is known for its high-quality workmanship, advanced technology and availability in a variety of configurations.
  3. Volkswagen commercial vehicles: Volkswagen is also a manufacturer in commercial vehicles. In this, the Volkswagen Transporter is the most popular because of its modern design, efficient engines and comfortable interior.
  4. Renault commercial vehicles: the Renault Master offers a wide range of sizes and load capacities.
  5. Peugeot commercial vehicles: Peugeot commercial vehicles are very compact, agile and suitable for urban use.
  6. Fiat commercial vehicles: Fiat’s best-selling commercial vehicle is the Ducato. It is known for its cargo capacity and customizable interior.
  7. Iveco commercial vehicles: Iveco is known for its wide range of commercial vehicles. The most popular is the Iveco Daily. It can come in many different configurations, including van, minivan and chassis-cab options.
  8. Opel commercial vehicles: in addition to passenger cars, Opel also sells commercial vehicles. The most well-known are the Opel Combo, Opel vivaro and Opel Movano.
  9. Citroën commercial vehicles: last we have the Citroën commercial vehicles. The best-selling commercial vehicles are the Citroën Berlingo, Citroën Jumpy and the Citroën Jumper.

Wide range of light commercial vehicles

At KW Automotive, we have a wide selection in used light commercial vehicles. Thus, our vehicles vary in brands, types and sizes. In this way, we hope to always be of service to you by offering a car that exactly fits your situation. Here we have both more compact commercial vehicles, as well as larger versions available.

Definition of light commercial vehicles

Light commercial vehicles, also known as company cars or vans, are specially designed vehicles for transporting goods on business. These vehicles are placed in the lighter vehicle category and have a lower maximum allowable total weight compared to heavy trucks. The exact definition of light commercial vehicles can still vary. This depends on the region and legislation. In many countries, a light commercial vehicle is defined by a combination of factors such as maximum weight, cargo space and design for commercial use.

For example, in the European Union. Here, commercial vehicles are often defined as vehicles with a total weight of up to 3.5 tons. This category of vehicles includes several types, such as vans, small trucks/bucket trucks, and some buses used to transport goods.

Why choose a light commercial vehicle at KW Automotive?

At KW Automotive, you enjoy a variety of benefits when you purchase your new vehicle. Our cars guarantee excellence at an affordable price. Safety and trust are paramount when you buy from us. This is why we use the “Pay Safe” principle. Each vehicle comes with all necessary documents and has passed our thorough inspection. This way, you will never encounter unpleasant surprises. In addition, we offer the opportunity to trade in your current vehicle. Finally, we have our own workshop where our experienced mechanics can provide maintenance and repairs for your light commercial vehicle.

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