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Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles

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Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicles

When you are looking for a new commercial vehicle, reliability is an important factor, fortunately there are excellent mercedes commercial vehicles available with built up reputation for quality and reliability. The Mercedes company was created from a merger of two car companies. These companies were Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft founded by Gottlieb Daimler in 1886 and, the Benz & Cie. founded by Carl Benz. The merger of these two companies took place in 1926. In addition to passenger cars, commercial vehicles, this brand also produces trucks, regional and city buses, coaches and airplanes. In addition, Mercedes is active in racing under the name Mercedes AMG Petronas (Formula 1) and Mercedes competes in the Le Mans 24-hour race.

It is impossible to imagine the Dutch business world without the Mercedes brand. Not only do you see the trucks and buses every day on the highway, when you get into a cab, it is often a Mercedes. The reason why working Holland chooses a Mercedes? The reliability, quality and premium appearance of these vehicles certainly have something to do with that. Arriving at the next job carefree and comfortable is something everyone wants, of course. To understand which Mercedes commercial vehicle best suits your operations, we would like to introduce you to Mercedes commercial vehicles.

Supply of Mercedes commercial vehicles used

The choice is vast when it comes to Mercedes commercial vehicles. From small to large, in total Mercedes has 4 variants of commercial vehicles. To give you a preview of these Mercedes commercial used cars, we will walk you through the models. If you already know the Mercedes models and want to see our offerings, check out our inventory of Mercedes commercial vehicles.

Mercedes Citan commercial vehicles used

The Mercedes Citan is the most compact commercial vehicle supplied by Mercedes. The Mercedes Citan is similar in size to the Ford Transit Connect, Volkswagen Caddy and Fiat Fiorino. The Citan is available in three sizes: compact, long or extra-long. The payload of this commercial occasion ranges from 2.4 cubic meters for the compact version to 4 cubic meters for the extra-long version. Almost all Mercedes Citan commercial vehicles come with a diesel engine, but gasoline variants are also available. This Mercedes Commercial Vehicle is perfect for entrepreneur who needs to be in town a lot. Its compact size and tight turning radius make it easy to park in the tightest spots in town.

Mercedes Viano commercial vehicle

This Mercedes is equipped for passenger transport. The Viano comes as a 5-seater and a 7-seater. The Viano is known for its premium interior and the many variations in engine options (diesel & petrol). Although manual models can be found, the Viano with an automatic transmission is more common. When you need to move your team daily to get the job done, the Mercedes Viano is perfect for you.

Mercedes Vito commercial vehicle

The Mercedes Vito comes in several variants: single cab, double cab and for passenger transport. Mercedes also has three lengths for this commercial vehicle: compact, long and extra-long. To make this extra length stable on the road, there is extended wheelbase version of the Vito. The total payload of the Vito is from 5.5 cubic meters to 6.6 cubic meters. The Vito is available only with a 4 cylinder diesel engine. Well in choice in the size of this diesel engine. This choice includes a 1.6 CDI, a 2.1 CDI and a 2.3 CDI diesel engine. As standard, Mercedes Vito commercial vehicles are equipped with Crosswind Assist as well as Attention Assist.

Mercedes Sprinter commercial vehicle

The Mercedes Sprinter is Mercedes’ largest commercial vehicle. Launched in 1995, the Sprinter is Holland’s best-selling commercial vehicle. This is because the Sprinter is available in many variants and is known for its reliability. After the launch of the new model in 2013, this commercial vehicle won the international “van of the year” award. The total payload of the sprinter is between 7.4 cubic meters and 13.7 cubic meters. This Mercedes commercial vehicle also has Crosswind Assist as standard; optionally, the sprinter is equipped with a collision avoidance system, blind spot monitor and lane departure warning system. All of our used commercial vehicles indicate the options the van is equipped with. All Mercedes Sprinters are equipped with diesel engines that meet Euro 6 standards. This allows the Sprinter to enter all environmental zones. Driving is carefree due to the 7-speed automatic transmission.

Maintenance of your Mercedes commercial vehicle

Every commercial vehicle needs maintenance, so does your mercedes! All of our commercial vehicles come with a service history and guaranteed mileage. In the service booklet, it indicates by type at what mileage maintenance is required. Our experienced mechanics work on your commercial vehicle with the utmost care so that it lasts as long as possible. Checking your tires on time and keeping your oil up to date are important to the condition of your Mercedes.

Why choose a used Mercedes?

Because of the wide selection of used Mercedes models, sizes, wheelbase and interior, there is always one that suits your needs. The German brand exudes class wherever you go. The premium interior allows you to drive for hours and still get fit for the day. It is not for nothing that almost half a million vehicles of this brand are directed in the Netherlands.

Why choose a Mercedes from KW Automotive?

Through our large inventory of Mercedes commercial vehicles used cars, we will look at your needs with you and our experienced sales staff will help you find the your perfect Mercedes commercial vehicle. To guarantee the quality of our used commercial vehicles, all of our occasion are provided with both an optical and technical check. In addition, all of our commercial vehicles have guaranteed mileage. This allows you to hit the road worry-free and do what you do best.

Come test drive Mercedes used cars!

When considering choosing a Mercedes, it is important to come and test drive it. Making an appointment for this is easy. For this, all you need to do is contact us. Already taking a look which Mercedes commercial vehicle suits you? View our inventory of Mercedes commercial vehicles.

Mercedes Commercial Vehicle Financing

Would you prefer to finance your new used Mercedes? Of course that is possible! To this end, we work with both financing and leasing companies. Which way best suits your situation we will be happy to discuss with you at our office. We find a suitable solution for every situation so you can quickly get back to the really important things. If you have any questions about financing a commercial vehicle, please contact us.

Trade-in company car when buying Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicle

When you purchase your new Mercedes commercial vehicle, you may want to trade in your old car. To do this, we value your car. Because one trade-in is not the other, we measure this by situation. When you come to test drive a used Mercedes commercial vehicle, you can discuss all your options with one of our salespeople.

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